Have any of these scenarios ever happened to you:

At your all-important meeting, have the microphones or speakers loused up your presentation because of feedback or they stopped working altogether?

We solve that problem by having the right equipment, technicians and training to make sure that never happens.

Has your audience had a problem seeing your PowerPoint slides due to incorrect settings or a faulty projector?

We solve that problem by advance planning and testing and making sure that never happens.

As a meeting or event planner, has your attention been taken away from your client because the AV tech was nowhere to be found?

We solve that problem by understanding the importance of each event, working with you and the most responsible professionals possible, and taking this worry off of your plate.

And we solve many other problems, too. IntentionalAV specializes in providing the most reliable audiovisual equipment and technicians for meetings of any type.

We get exactly the AV support you need so your presenters and your audience get what they need.

Call me at 415-716-6637 and let us show you Exceptional Results.