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(First Posted November 2014 and it’s still good today…) I belong to a group of small business owners and entrepreneurs that gets together twice a month to share what’s going on in our businesses. When the group first started, it was like a “pitch fest” but it’s really evolved into something more of a Mastermind. […]

Rick Bloom Interviewed on Business Innovators Radio

Earlier this week I had a chance to sit down with Jeannine Barcarse of Business Innovators Radio and peel back the curtain on the business of being an audiovisual producer for meetings and live events. In case you missed it, listen here: [youtube] Jeannine did a great job in inviting me to discuss such […]

Keeping up with technology

Audiovisual technology grows at an exponential rate. It’s almost too difficult to track, let alone digest. but I will tell you that I do make an honest daily effort to keep up. A few months ago I went through a course and exam in advanced audiovisual technology. It was a “deep dive” into areas of […]

My first blog entry…ever

I never thought I’d commit to writing on a regular basis because, as this communications form called blogging has evolved, I never thought I had anything valuable to say which would arouse anyone’s interest. But I’ve been surrounded for the last few years by my wife and others who blog habitually and by social media […]