I never thought I’d commit to writing on a regular basis because, as this communications form called blogging has evolved, I never thought I had anything valuable to say which would arouse anyone’s interest. But I’ve been surrounded for the last few years by my wife and others who blog habitually and by social media gurus and SEO experts who say that this is one of the best ways to “up” your rankings by attaching your name to regularly-produced fresh content. OK, I get that. but I still don’t think I have much that’s new or exciting to add to the world conversation.

It’s possible that I’m too hung up on a vision that anything I add to the worldly information rumble has to be relevant, at least to me and maybe a few others. Because I’ve never written as “therapy” and when I was a kid I never kept a journal. I’ve always written as an assignment or as a part of a narrative to a proposal which was necessary to win a bid. So my audiences have always been limited by design. Now I guess I’ve been convinced that if I really think about it, I do have some things to talk about that will fit my personal criteria of being (a) relevant and (b) non-chatty and it’s time to share them.

My objective will be to write and post something once a week, same day each week, and see how it goes. In three weeks it should be a habit, right? Let’s see if committing to that in writing makes it stick.

And I know that I may not be wildly excited each week about something in particular when I sit down to write. I promise to keep these upbeat, to the point and a quick read, because you’re following 40 other bloggers, too.

So this is Bonus Week for you because there are three important things going on right now – other than political conventions – I want to mention:

First is the launch later this week of the newly re-vamped Rick Bloom Communications website (http://www.rbav.com). It’s a whole new look and feel from the old site, there will be regular updates in a front page video window, tips and tricks, free stuff for you (if you want it) and I’m excited to get it done. Please drop in for a visit.

Next, I reached a milestone in my audiovisual career last week as I successfully completed the certification process to receive the professional designation of CTS: Certified Technology Specialist. I had tried to get that done for a few years but work just kept getting in the way. It’s not only a global designation but denotes adherence to industry standards and a deep understanding of this ever-changing world of technology and solutions to help the world we live in.

Finally, after getting the study completed for that CTS exam, I can now concentrate on finishing my book and getting it out early this fall “The Basics of Audio Visual Technology for Meeting and Event Planners”. I’m excited to get it out and should be a valuable addition to have in any meeting planner’s toolbox.

There are a few other things but I promised to keep this one brief. Now I have to learn what all of those buttons and settings on the left hand column of this Dashboard are all about.