Tips & Tricks

As long as you are not relying on self-contained flat screen displays for viewing content, projectors are simply the heart of any video display system. But which projector should you choose?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to choosing the right projector for your application. There are a multitude of questions to ask and answer before you can choose the correct one. Here’s just the beginning of the list:

  • Will you be able to “fly” it or will it be ground-supported?
  • Will your application be front or rear projection?
  • If it’s rear projection, how much distance is there from the back wall to the screen surface?
  • If it’s front projection, how much clear space is there – on the floor or in the ceiling – between the projector and the screen surface?
  • How large is your room and your viewing audience?
  • How large and what format is/are your screen(s)?
  • What type of screen surface are you projecting upon?
  • Will you be projecting 3D images?
  • What sources will you be using – Power Point? Video? Graphics? Highly detailed worksheets? Live camera shots?
  • How much ambient light is in this space and can it be controlled?
  • What is the work light necessity during presentations and is it dimmable?

There are industry standards to answer all of these questions and more. We address all of these questions for every event with the goal of providing an ideal viewing experience for every attendee. This is one of the benefits of engaging a knowledgeable industry professional to make these decisions and specify the correct equipment for your meeting or event.