bigstock-Closeup-of-back-side-Hi-Tech-A-51787432Audiovisual technology grows at an exponential rate. It’s almost too difficult to track, let alone digest. but I will tell you that I do make an honest daily effort to keep up.

A few months ago I went through a course and exam in advanced audiovisual technology. It was a “deep dive” into areas of AV technology which I had only peripherally known and had long wanted to know about. So I committed to the learning process and feel very good about the results. I now view the release of new equipment and technologies with a better knowledge base and I’m always excited to see what’s coming next.

To keep up with the technology side of my world and that of my current and potential clients I subscribe to 4 hard copy AV technology publications, 3 hard copy meeting planner publications, 7 online AV Professional weekly email lists or LinkedIn groups, 7 meeting professional sites and groups, a couple of social media tips sites (so I can study best practices to manage all of this and make it relevant) and a couple of online local business networking groups. And TED.

The reading and preparation are very exciting and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you. It’s going to come to you weekly on Tuesdays through this blog and will also come to you in video which will be posted in my new YouTube channel. I invite you to ¬†learn and enjoy the process along with me.